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The Kingdom Of The Eel” by Dean Ramsay.

“The Kingdom of The Eel” is an album by Dean Ramsay – released by Focused Silence on Friday 30th August. This recording was made in and around the Norfolk village of Upwell between October 2018 and May 2019. All instrumentation, arrangement and field recordings by Dean Ramsay. Mastered by myself at Sigil of Brass.

The Norfolk and Cambridgeshire Fens in the east of England are a land of aqueous magic, verdant and enchanted. Their history is hidden both in plain sight and beneath the myriad silver ribbons of inaccessible waterways that thread the land to the horizon. But with the right ear, one may hear their wordless songs on the wind, in the creak of the willows and in the distant call of a billion birds. With the right touch, you may know the mind of Hereward, with eyes closed, drawing fingertips through the tall grass on an August afternoon. And yet, the black eel remains unknown. She rolls and writhes in the fenland moonlight far from human eyes, she binges hungrily, then sleeps in her fathom deep hollows. She waits for the day when her flanks begin to silver and her mind overflows with ancient, hereditary wisdom – then she knows her way back to the sea.

Raised in Yorkshire, living most of his adult life in London, and now a denizen of the Norfolk Fens, Dean Ramsay is a multi-instrumentalist interested in the tinkering with the fundamental puzzle pieces of what we think of as music. What happens to music if you remove things like melody, or harmony, or repetition? What happens if we feed something inherently beautiful, such as the song of a Lark into a generative system that translates that into another musical language? Which piece of musical information carries the beauty and will it survive the translation? Maybe music in a heighten form is still undiscovered? One thing is for sure, we won’t find it in a verse/chorus/verse pop song on the radio.

The Kingdom Of The Eel


Dean Ramsay release’s his album, The Kingdom of the Eel, on Focused Silence on the thirtieth August 2019. It is available as a CD and also available as a download from the website. The CD ships with a risddle – this riddle is a a series of clues where you can go and find … real life treasure.

Post day is Wednesdays so that is when the CDs ship.

The Post Office has since moved to WH Smith – terrible thing.

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