“Seablaqqr” Is Out Now

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Released On Focused Silence


The mini-album by Sam Fauchon has been released. For more on the release please click HERE. This is a bit of a break fo Focused Silence – it is a Glitch-Hop release and we have not released many of those. You can listen to a track from the album here –

Despite his tender years (15!) Sam has a level head having been picking up the basics of composition from peers and his influences before forging his own path. To read more about Sam, please click HERE.

The cover art was made by Maria Kalnars. Maria is one half of the gifted duo ifitisn’t and a prodigious visual artist in her own right. To hear a track from ifitisnt’s debut on Focused Silence please head HERE.

So then, Sam Fauchon’s Debut on Focused Silence. Although at a tender age, Sam is well versed in Glitch and the “Avant Garde.” Sam has here a growling Glitch release as cued up in Ableton and mangled beyond recognition. This release is ideal for a post-club chill or when you need a structured framework for your listening pleasure. Fifteen year old Sam Fauchon has the world at his feet and I wish him all the success.

Tracklist –

  1. Lozanarqz
  2. Pozcact
  3. Oslo.m.x.d.o.

Out Now

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