Forward! For Noise – “The Cloud Of Unknowing”


An experimental drone, two-track EP. Analogue Synthesisers.


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The thing about drone-based music is that it doesn’t change. So why listen? Musicians have been droning for thousands of years. The practice of creating melodic patterns over a single sustained or repeated note stretches back to the ancient Middle East, and instruments that produce drones are as old as music itself.

Few people are indifferent to the sound of a drone. For the drone-averse, the sound of an unchanging drawn out tone is the sound of tedium itself. Why on earth would you listen? For others, the answer to that question is simple: a drone can be beautiful. More than just beautiful—it can have a transcendent, hypnotic quality that under the right conditions can elicit a meditative or even religious response.

Maybe there’s something about the drone as a deathlike sound that haunts our consciousness in a certain way.