Gidouille Noise Research – “The Hunting Of The Quark”



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As Mike Tyldesley from GNR says…

“The whole album is a concept album primarily based upon the idea of a Timestorm as outlined in the book “Time Storms” by Jenny Randles. A Timestorm – simplistically – is when someone appears to leave the current point in time that they are in and goes “somewhere else” for an indeterminate period, returning, often in a confused state. In her book Randles noted that a lot of these events were reported in the Daresbury/Walton/Moore area just to the south of Warrington and East of Runcorn. This interested us because one of us lives quite close to this area, and also because -as Randles noted – it is also an area with a strong connection to Lewis Carroll, and also is the location of a nuclear laboratory. Our work is thus structured around the idea of starting in “normal reality”, becoming aware of a change of some sort, existing in a Time Storm, returning out of the storm and finally returning to reality. Whilst this structure was agreed in advance and also governs the use of found sounds from the area to some extent, within the overall structure the music was improvised. The track titles reflect the mix of Quantum Physics, Carrollian proto-surrealism and psychogeography that this album involved.”