BirdWorld – “UNDA”


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BirdWorld’s debut album UNDA (latin for ‘wave’) aims to depict a sense of ‘undulating’ & ‘flowing.’ With UNDA being released on Focused Silence, it presents a seamless and outright 38-minute listening experience weaving between free improvisations, ambient electronic, contemporary classical and folkloric music. Alongside these aspects of the record, there remains a strong emphasis on rhythm.

Within the album, there is a general sense of linguistic and cultural pluralism. Various spoken words from numerous languages are referenced throughout the record as timbral and musical textures and are an effort to evoke a spiritual atmosphere as opposed to linguistic semantics. This is coupled with the duo’s plentiful and varied musical influences including jazz, live processed electronics, western classical and experimental instrumental music as well as numerous world rhythms and percussion traditions.

UNDA presents an original sound that combines elements of various sources and invites the listener to paint their own visual experience to the music.

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