ifitisn’t – “colophon”


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ifitisn’t is about the interruptive noise that exists between transmission and the
intended reception of the message, the fragments of concrete experience that interrupt
hegemony. it is the mapping of emotional and political territories. ifitisn’t is
cartographer and rhetoricican.

Track 1 – colophon
Track 2 – density

This is the debut for ifitisn’t on Focused Silence, the Experimental record label. The duo comprises of Robinson & Kalnars – who both have musical pedigree. Bracketed as electro-acoustic, Robinson is responsible for the electronic darkness of the pieces on this two track mini cd and Kalners brings a æthereal touch using voice, piano, keyboard, melodion, recorder, viola, percussives and found objects to make sounds to move the listener into a relaxed, enticing, intriguing and somewhat exciting space.

Sold as a mini CD or a download. You can buy the download as a FLAC or an MP3 from this site.

Released on June 7th 2019.

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