Dylan Neely – “Harpagos”


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Being the knuckle dragger that I am,ย I picked up hints of Hitchcock and Hauntology in this release. However, according to the to the composer, the release has an even darker tint to it.

The concept myth that inspired the album is the story of the Persian king Cyrus’ rise, as Herodotus writes it.

To tell it in brief: Astyages has a dream where he imagines his daughter Mandanes urinating so much that she drowns his kingdom, which he interprets as a signal to kill her child, Cyrus. He gives Harpagos the task, but instead, Harpagos hides the child with a shepherd. Later, Cyrus is discovered to be of royal descent, and Astyages adopts him. He punishes Harpagos by feeding him his own son at a feast. Harpagos then plots revenge, eventually convincing Cyrus to foment revolution against his grandfather, thereby establishing the Persian empire.

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