Chris Parmenidis – “8B5C3B++”


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8B5C3B++ is the movement between different entities guided by the construction of continuity conditions. 8B5C3B++ offers a new and bold way of organising sound with utter precision and boundless freedom. The performance of this piece gives a multidimensional movement in space via an eight-channel projection: there are two groups A and B of four speakers each. Group A presents the close-up and further away sounds on the horizontal plane. Group B presents the high up and low down sounds on the vertical plane. Live, the interaction of these four stereo pairs in space brings an original multidimensional presentation of this energetic piece.

Tickets for the live presentation can be found HERE.

“A stereo multidimensionality that transforms the listening perception into a physical element to be inhabited.” – Rockerilla Magazine (Italy)

“… it’s an awe-inspiring look at contemporary sound art and its ability to adapt to the unknowns of technology. There is a freeform sensibility here, no repeating cycle of effects, rather a continuum of visionary ideas. It’s a rare bird.” – Toneshift (USA)

8B5C3B++ is a stereo mix-down of, what will be, a multi-channel installation feature presentation held on 13th October 2018 at S. Augustine Church, Kilburn Park Road, NW65XB London.

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