Total E.T. – “A.L.I.E.N.”


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A.L.I.E.N. is part of a cosmic trilogy, starting with Universenses and ending in the future. I.v. is the Being behind Total E.T. – he describes A.L.I.E.N. (All Leads Into Eternal Nothingness) as being like a …

“… big puzzle.
I listened to the basic track … added something … listened again … I knew exactly what and where to add after every single listen.
I listened at night in absolute darkness …”

A.L.I.E.N. (All Leads Into Eternal Nothingness) involves interpreted field recordings from the depths of the of the Space/Time Continuum. Total E.T. presents a masterpiece that weighs around the fifty-minute mark.

In the same fashion as the Radiophonic Workshop played with Tape, Total E.T. mangles digital audio using loops of previous recordings – forwards backwards, delayed, slowed and sped up.

An intriguing listen, with samples from the depths of the cosmos – this will not disappoint.


“Total E.T. is a perfect and profound host and guide, knowing exactly when a sight has been viewed and when to move along towards another section in the large space of the wonderfully unknown.” – Yeah I know It Sucks.

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