The Oxford Ambient Collective – “VAX 11/750”


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A VAX 11/750 was a minicomputer – brought out in the mid 1960’s. Why would The Oxford Ambient Collective name an album after the mainframe that they cut their teeth on? Well, as opposed to the ‘full on’ The Unrequited, this album is an album of sounds and synths that hark back to the halcyon days of computer experimentation. It really is a stripped back album and a very pleasant thing to listen to.

There seems to be a budding optimism around every key stroke and a nod to a shared nostalgia.

This is a collection of songs harking back to the days in the mid-80s when The Oxford Ambient Collective used to work for a firm called The Numerical Algorithms Group and made heavy use of a mainframe called a VAX 11/750, mostly copying the old reel-to-reel tapes hour by hour.

The music in this set was composed using apps such as PPG Wavemapper, PPG WaveGenerator, Waldorf and Sunrizer, all on an iPad.

I am very much trying to evoke a warm analog nostalgic feel to these tracks.

NAG Group were and still are makers of scientific and mathematics based software. This album is be a nostalgic look back at some of the hardware/software that was used to be used.

Available as a download from the link above and as a Compact Disc that comes with the label’s moniker and artist and album information printed on it. Comes with a slim-line CD jewel case and inlay.

As ever, I have embedded a player below where you, the visitor, can listen to the album before committing. As ever with The Oxford Ambient Collective – this is an album built exclusively on iPad. A feat of patience and experimentation.

Released on 1st November 2016

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