Total E.T. – “FutuReproduction”


MP3 Download. Includes the download of a 12 page digital zine “Portrait Of The Artist As An Extra-Terrestrial” by Total E.T. as a PDF.

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Total E.T. is a good friend of the label and he has reached out to his wider circle of musician-friends and called for a team effort. Whilst the Noise in this epic album is all down to Total E.T., he had the pleasure of the album being mastered by Tomáš Mutina, the celebrated Musician.

This release, FutuReproduction, takes you on a journey through the psyche of the creators – working together to achieve a state of Hive Mind. It is a celebrated team effort and one that the label is please to associate itself with.

Thomas Park lend a hand with the last track, remixing the track from three stems – it is a good level of production, carefully polished by Tomáš in the final stages.

The cover for the release was designed by Andrew Backhouse Design.

A four track release that was so big it wouldn’t fit on a CD.

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