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ELNATH PROJECT is the solo project of the Italian musician Alessandro Ciccarelli. A Trumpeter with an academic background who has played over the years in several bands and with several genres. The Album “~”, released by Focused Silence, is his first solo album and it collects some of the recent compositions following his reflection on the idea of the composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988):

Music cannot exist without sound.
Sound exists by itself without music.
Music evolves over time.
The sound is timeless.
It’s the sound that matters.
Sound is strength.

This is not one of those typical sleep concert records, but teeters on that edge – moreso, its deep-seated drift rocks you gently into awareness.

The first three compositions, GS7B~ 6GZ9~ DA22~, are recorded live and they flow like a “unicum”, they may be considered a sort of trilogy since they are all based on subtractive synthesis. While the sound programming follows several stochastic variables, the musician operates in real time on an effects bank. The result is a magmatic sound, a minimal and stratified drone that takes the listener travelling to a dilated dimension.

PRW7~ is a live recording composition based on additive synthesis. Here we are faced with a dialogic process between sound programming that executes instructions according to Gaussian distributions for some parameters, and the musician who intervenes in real time, following his ear, on parameters related to the effects. The cause-effect relation is sometimes pursued, sometimes intentionally aleatory, the time/space coordinates are not defined, the listener can orient or lose himself among the various sound layers.

ED45, the composition was born as a tribute to the Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986), for which music often flows as a material of life itself, as part of the author’s spiritual experience. Here the sound synthesis dialogues with field recordings and sound samplings. Through this structure the musician sculpts the sound materials making them assume dreamlike circular values. In this case, the listener is left free to follow the different paths proposed but which at the end lead back to the starting point.

8WYP, a bass deep pulse, a slow ostinato melody describe a nocturnal sound landscape in which electrified acoustic DIY instruments generate electric interferences, the vital materiality is on the border of its total disappearance. There is no need for sacrifice, the memory of blood here does not heal any wound.

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