Allan Smyth – “Spinning”


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It’s a kind of abstract aural sorcery.

TJ Norris – Toneshift.Net

A One-track, twenty minute, album was composed in real-time using semi-modular synthesis and found sound, patched through a mixing desk. This was a process of overdubbing live composition and “of the moment” happenstance.

“Spinning” is inspired by the imagined experience of spinning in space. The slow decline in momentum and the unfathomable scale of space are summed up in the rumbling bass and crisp highs. Like with a spinning top, the motion – as it decreases – causes wobble and eventual collapse of inertia which in itself has a found beauty and narrative.

As we are surrounded by other spinning objects both here on earth and in space, the artist asks the listener to imagine the collisions and interactions between these vortices and other inanimate objects. Also, the myriad of human engineering travelling through space to an uncertain end.

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