I have had to make a decision. My health is not what it was and my work load has increased. As a result, I am struggling to get out of the house to get to the post office. So, I have had to make a decision. I will not longer be funding physical copies of the releases I put out. The release by Fahmi Mursyid and Katharina Schmidt will be the last Focused Silence CD.

And, I will not be selling it.

I will be commissioning the manufacturing of the artists copies of the CDs and I will ensure they will be going to the artist. But, I will not be getting myself copies of the CDs. I will no longer be in a position to post out the CDs if I had them – so, it is a no brainer.

When I am going to release a work in the future, on Focused Silence, it will be download only. I will secure industry leading PR and I will get the release mastered. Please have a look at the Demo submission page HERE to find out more about this.

This may come as a disappointment to many – but I wanted to keep the label going and this was the only option; or else the label would have to close. I am trying to reach a compromise with myself. But, as you can see from the time this is being posted, that I am pushed for time – I just don’t have the time to manage the physical copies. My days are spent with work. I am only finding time to work on the label late at night… so, downloads it is I am afraid.

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