It’s An Absolute Pleasure To Work With BirdWorld

Nov 2, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with the duo, BirdWorld. Adam & Gregor have been the consummate professionals and it has been easy for me despite health worries. Their album is now out and, in the time I have known them, Gregor became a Dad! Read on for more…

Adam and Gregor have a global heritage but they are London based. As soon as I heard the debut album I wanted to jump aboard and try my hardest to help – they have been very obliging. The album is receiving good press and a track from it was included in The Wire’s Office Ambience #428!

So, Gregor became a Dad and the album came out. Emotions must be running high for the duo. To compliment this, Gregor made a mix for SVS Radio called “Nurture”. You can visit their Blog HERE and give them the plaudits, but I will embed the mix below. Sterling work and worth a moment of anyone’s time.

You can listen to a track from the album on Spotify and you can support the artists by buying a CD or a Download. To do that, head HERE. There was only one error in the release in that I messed up the Artist Credit – but, I am working to correct that.

So, the album is out – it is no small feat to say so, I sweated blood to get this ready on time. It is a credit to Adam & Gregor, from BirdWorld, for putting up with me. I hope I can do them proud. They launched their album on 31st October 2019 although the release has been in print since 11th October – go and listen to a track, already…

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