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Mar 17, 2020

Well, it is in the news: Covid-19 has reached Harrogate and the UK. I am taking precautions as everyone should. This means spending more time indoors and isolating. But, what to do with that time…

Coronavirus has reached this outpost of North Yorkshire – lots of Tea Shops are panicking, rightly so. The downturn i already occurring. People are not spending because people do not leave the house.

So, I have come up with a good way to spend your time in isolation. You will have the opportunity to download 1 MP3 album of your choice from this site. Just enter this code at the Basket Page:


I do not want people to not have anything to do as people either socially isolate or socially distance themselves from others. So, I have done this.

Please be extra-precautious whilst you are out in public and remember to regularly wash your hands. As if it needs saying…

Thanks for listening,

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