An Update During The Coronavirus Pandemic

May 8, 2020

I thought I would give you a quick update on what is happening at Focused Silence HQ during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. I have been burying my head in the sand a bit as my label has been going belly up – but, there is a glimmer of hope within the carnage.

We continued with the free album give-away, with some success; thank you to everyone who helped themselves.

I have been receiving orders for physical releases on the label. Now then, it has been difficult for me to fulfil these orders because the workshop I rent has been closed and I have been unable to get to the releases. However, I now have a key to the workshop and I can pop in on Monday and sort the outstanding orders – thank you for your patience on this matter. Normal service will resume soon.

In the meantime, I have three releases penciled in for the next few week:

Via Nova Ensemble ~ “Where The Marsh Plants Grow”

Where the Marsh Plants Grow explores the many ways through which we relate to the earth: through science and agriculture, through metaphor and memory, through our very bodies. Our approach to putting together this programme centres on the idea that we get our hands dirty (literally) in so many ways (singing to plants, walking fields, mysticising herbs, burying our dead), and that in that dirt is our blood, memory, consciousness, and hopes for the future. Each of these pieces explores these ideas in a unique and evocative way, and we are delighted to present them here.

We are still waiting the delivery of the CDs on this release – they will ship with Obi Strips but they could start posting out around a week late – pandemic permitting. For more on the release click HERE.

Kcin & Brendan Clark ~ “New Landscape”

New Landscape’ is an album by Drummer / Producer – Nicholas Meredith (aka Kcin) and Bassist / Composer – Brendan Clark. The project dissects and expands the minutia of the miniature. Rearranging the structure of tiny elements into something gargantuan.

Inspired by the many and varied landscapes of their home country, the two improvisers create an intricate and disturbing tapestry of captivating, anxious beauty. The duo spent a day at Golden Retriever studios in Sydney, finishing the post production at Free Energy Device and Albion St Studios. This album is dedicated to all those (human and non human) who lost their lives, homes, friends and family in the fires of 2019/2020.

I have pencilled in the date of May 25th for the release of this album – it will ship as a digipack and will also be made available as a download. Kcin & Brendan Clark are based in Sydney, Australia so if you want to buy the release direct from them then I will write up the link in a later post. For more on the release click HERE.

Gidouille Noise Research ~ “The Hunting Of The Quark”

The whole album is a concept album primarily based upon the idea of a Timestorm as outlined in the book “Time Storms” by Jenny Randles. A Timestorm – simplistically – is when someone appears to leave the current point in time that they are in and goes “somewhere else” for an indeterminate period, returning, often in a confused state. In her book Randles noted that a lot of these events were reported in the Daresbury/Walton/Moore area just to the south of Warrington and East of Runcorn. This interested us because one of us lives quite close to this area, and also because -as Randles noted – it is also an area with a strong connection to Lewis Carroll, and also is the location of a nuclear laboratory.

The artist’s work is thus structured around the idea of starting in “normal reality”, becoming aware of a change of some sort, existing in a Time Storm, returning out of the storm and finally returning to reality. Whilst this structure was agreed in advance and also governs the use of found sounds from the area to some extent, within the overall structure the music was improvised. The track titles reflect the mix of Quantum Physics, Carrollian proto-surrealism and psychogeography that this album involved.

This album is due out on the 5th June 2020 – it will be made available as a download from this site and limited to an edition of 100 copies from this site. For more on the release click HERE.

Summin’ Up

Right that is pretty much the end of my rambling blog – pandemic permitting we will have some CDs to post out soon. In the meantime, I will be spending the weekend bagging up older releases because I finally have access to the warehouse. If you have been waiting on a CD then thank you for your patience – it means a lot; I have been pulling my hair out trying to think of a way fo sorting this, but things have been against me. I hope you and yours remain in good health.

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