3 Releases Coming Out By May

Mar 8, 2021

I have been putting off writing blog posts, and anything else to do with the label, for a matter of weeks; I do not currently have access to the warehouse so orders are taking their time in being fulfilled. However, the label is running from my kitchen and I am trying to keep on top of things. Speaking of which – there are three releases on the horizon…

I will go in to more detail nearer the time – but I am pleased with these releases; it seems a return to form for the label.

Ben Glas

Ben Glas is a composer based in Berlin studying towards his MA. He has a cassette + download coming out on the ninth of April – it is a really strong, yet short, body of work designed as an ‘experience’ more than an album. ‘Noise For Quantum Listening’ is the name of the album – really good. You can find out more HERE.


BirdWorld continue to stir the pot with a remix album of their critically acclaimed UNDA. There is a diverse range of genres on the remix album; Nordic pop, ambient, contemporary classical and power electronics, to name a few. You can find out more about the release HERE.

Katharina Schmidt & Fahmi Mursyid

This duo collaborated on a release that will be coming out on 10th May, 2021. It takes a field recording as a reference point and it uses modern production methods to obliterate it in to a structured semblance. You can find out more about it HERE.

Summin’ Up

So, I will wrap this all in a newsletter and email it out to you – apologies if you are waiting on a CD – I just don’t have access to the warehouse. I am still trying to keep my label above water so bear with me on this.. Andy x

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