Focused Folio

A Sub-Label nestled within the bosom of Focused Silence. Focused Folio is a series of download-only products, all cheap as chips.

Focused Folio is a series of EPs, Albums and recordings. The albums will be released as MP3 download-only and in limited quantities. Numbers of the Downloads will be limited to an edition of 100 copies.

Sometimes, there will be an accompanying digital zine will be photo essays, concrete poetry or anything else we can come up with that can be distributed digitally..

Is this a bit too throw-away? No?


There is a throwaway, instant nature of the medium. Digital Downloads are of the moment, fleeting and somewhat casual. But, here in lies the beauty…

As with Kenneth Goldsmith and Flarf Poetry, it is seizing on the digital Zeitgeist of contemporary culture and creating outsider art – something that is paradoxically throw away yet cherished. A favourite recording can be lost or deleted. The accompanying digital download that came with the audio could be lost – but, for a fleeting minute you did not even hold it in your hands.


Harrogate, North Yorkshire



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