A Sub-Label nestled within the bosom of Focused Silence. Ferric:Flux is a series of cassette-only EPs.

Ferric:Flux is a series of mini-EPs. They will be released on cassette tape in small quantities. Numbers of the cassettes will be limited to an edition of 100 copies and there will also be a download made available too.

Why cassettes in the early 21st Century?

There is a warmth of audio when listening back to cassettes. The tumultuous struggle against some sort of faceless and terrifying e-void has me pretty confused. The signs of deliberate regression are everywhere: vinyl LPs continue to (re-)grow in popularity; micro-communities built around fanzines and basement shows continue to burgeon; lo-fi home recording remains a spirited exercise in anti-consumerist, anti-corporate production and distribution; and, most recently, the inexplicable comeback of cassette tapes has confirmed its status as veritable zeitgeist.

Would it be a stretch to suggest that these are, at least implicitly, hostile gestures? I propose that, considering the fervor with which they’re supported, the major creative outlets for DIY culture are borne less from unbridled passion than unfounded apprehension — these are confused lashings-out against an allegedly “valueless” system (a system of distribution, promotion, dissemination, and so forth), a system that is abstract, complex, and terrifyingly new. Hence the name – Ferric:Flux.

Taken from the warmth and flutter of a cassette recording, the name Ferric:Flux takes in the medium of the product (Ferric) and the discontinuity (Flux). The idea is to try and bring the label back to a more DIY ethos.


Harrogate, North Yorkshire



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