Demo Submissions

What Demo submissions we accept and the way we go about things. If your music is already public we will have to leave it alone. Please do not make your music public if you are submitting a demo. I use this page to weed out people who don’t want me to listen to their music – if you don’t send me the music on my terms, why should I listen to it?

The Demo Submissions We Accept

You are expected to know of the artists already on the label having been to one of their gigs or purchased an album of theirs. Focused Silence is an experimental music label – we accept demos from most of sub-genres of experimental music; Drone, Free Jazz, Glitch, Noise, the Avant-Garde as electronic & acoustic, as well as Field Recordings.

If your track has a structured beat, chances are we will not take you up on it. Also, we have been getting quite a few Indie bands – we are an experimental music label and we do no want a ‘soulful voice with acoustic guitar’ for the label. There are plenty of other music labels out there who can help with that sort of music, we would not know where to begin with it and we would not be able to help you.

Submit a Demo

The best method is to submit your release as MP3 files with a bit of a cover letter. Bung it all in a .zip file (include your cover letter, contact details & your Bio in the .zip) and send it to me using WeTransfer to [email protected] It is very safe and I will try to listen to all demos (if they have a covering letter).

Because your demo will be as MP3 files there would be nothing I could do with them if I wanted to hoodwink you. Upon agreement of a deal we will swap the WAV files.

Do You ‘Do’ Contracts

Yes we do. This is so that both the artist and me know where we stand.

We do not produce a physical copy of your release; this is due to the mounting cost. We will secure mastering and PR for your release. You will be able to sell the release as a download on your site / Bandcamp and I will be able to sell the release on this site.

We will get PR and mastering for the release from an industry leader. We do not deal with the bigger stores anymore, like Spotify or iTunes – if you want your release on the bigger stores then we can help advise.


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