Tantric Doctors

Total Modernist Disciplinarian who believes in finding endless newness under the suns either through time travel or multiverse experimentalism.

Tantric Doctors is in fact just one man; multi-instrumentalist, Adam Woolf. Tantric Doctor’s first band was ‘1974: The Almighty Toad’ with composer/cellist Tom Gardner. They were heavily influenced by both Faust and Cluster. Woolf (Tantric Doctors) has worked as a session musician for Adolf Bidet And His Boschwash, a band that was heavily connected to the famous Club Dog: who were in turn influenced by Beefheart and Zappa.

Woolf can turn his hand to any musical style – he is a Hip-hop producer with Novaray and Kenneth Marx and a collaborator with New York MC, FRAWSTAWKA.

Today part of Sheffield improv scene with Mick Beck, John Jasnoch, Derek Saw, Beatrix Fernandez Ward, Neil Carver, Nathan Bettany, Linda Kemp, Martin Archer, Charlie Collins, Matt Harling, Damion Wright, Tim Tozer, Tantric Doctors is in a force to be reckoned with.

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