Kcin & Brendan Clark

Nicholas Meredith (Kcin) and Brendan Clark are two musicians from Australia. The music they create together is intricate and vast. The two met whilst studying and have played together in every conceivable situation over the last decade. ‘New Landscape’ is their first recording as a duo. The session recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney, is completely improvised.

Individually, their love of giant sonic landscapes is evident but underpinning this is a depth of subtlety that only comes from years of performing together. Their music is greatly inspired by the extreme beauty, harsh reality and modern hypocrisies of the Australian continent

Coming from a jazz and improvising background the pair really find their feet in the sculpting and demolition of sound. Nicholas (Kcin) produced and mixed the album, lending a sonic weight that mirrors his own productions. Clark’s mastery of the bass is the centrepiece for their infinite aural possibilities.

The duo have played a variety of interesting show together over the years and are now looking to perform in Europe and Japan.

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