Gidouille Noise Research

Gidouille Noise Research are: Gidouille: Mike Tyldesley, Kath Tyldesley, and Noise Research: Ian Simpson, working together in collaboration. Here Mike plays saxophones and was responsible for recording found sounds on a field trip to the Daresbury area, Kath plays Theremin and Electrofaustus Blackfly, and Ian plays guitar, provided electronic textures for the project and is also responsible for mixing/engineering. The trio met at the monthly The Noise Upstairs sessions in Manchester, and have also worked together in other projects. The artwork for the project was done by Jan Stöver.

GNR are available for gigs (when this becomes possible!) and in 2020 have already performed together as Monotrony, which is the same three people but working around a different musical concept.

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