“My musical journey (in the folk field as The Child of A Creek) began in 2005 when I recorded my 1st self released record “Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees”. The album obtained very nice reviews from Italian and European magazines and I felt pretty happy about that untill writing and recording a 2nd album, more complex than the 1st one called “Unicorns still make me feel Fine” released by the English label, Dust Wind Tales. I began to tour (with my acoustic and electric guitar) Italy in 2007. In 2010 an Italian label (Seahorse Rec.) released my 3rd album called “Find A Shelter along the Path” which obtained amazing reviews from all of the Italian mags and from many international mags (like the English Terrascope mag) and it was being played by many Italian and foreign radio stations like the Australian Sideways Through Radio. In 2011 the Danish “A Beard of Snails Records” released my 4th album “Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun” (focused on experimental drone folk, with loops and field recordings, maybe my ambient journey starts here), well reviewed by mags and webmags. In 2013 Seahorse Rec released my 5th record “The Earth Cries Blood” featuring Pantaleimon (Andria Degens, David Tibet’s wife) from Current 93. I never stopped touring across Italy from 2007 to 2014, doing solo shows and opening for great acts like Marissa Nadler, Larkin Grimm, José Gonzales, Laura Gibson, Gareth Dickson (from 12k Records), Alexander Tucker, Charalambides etc. In 2014 the French label Ruralfaune released my 6th record called “Quiet Swamps” focused on experimental folk with loops and electronic parts, very well received by the Italian and by the international press and, at the same time, the Danish label Metaphysical Circuits released on cassette my very 1st ambient record called “Hidden Tales and Other Lullabies”.

In 2015 my new moniker for my ambient journey born under the name of FALLEN and “Secrets of the Moon” is the result of intense recording sessions (influenced by the 70’s electronic scene first). The album was released by the Irish label Psychonavigation Records and has been well reviewed by Italian and international mags. Between 2015 and 2016 I recorded other 3 new ambient/experimental records as FALLEN, “Against the Storm” (out soon on cd via the danish Metaphysical Circuits, ambient and piano-based with an experimental touch), “No Love Is Sorrow” (out soon in digipack cd via the german AOsmosis Records, halfway between ambient and electronica) and “Beauty and Misery” (to be released in 2019, halfway between ambient and electronica). From October and December 2017 I recorded “ást”, released by Time Released Sound (US) on April 2018. The record has been well reviewed by the Italian and by the international press and played by some ambient/experimental radio stations around the world. From late February 2018 and late April 2018 I composed and recorded brand new stuff and the results are “glimpses”, released by Cathedral Transmissions on July 2018 (UK, sold out in about 10 days) and “Tout est silencieux” (with its track titles in French) released by Triple Moon Records (France, sold out on about 15 days). I consider these 2 new records of mine a step beyond “ást”, looking at different directions, with a different approach using while composing and recording till creating misty and melodic pieces between minimal and composite arrangements.

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