Elnath Project

ELNATH PROJECT is the solo project of the Italian musician Alessandro Ciccarelli. A Trumpeter with an academic background, Ciccarelli has played over the years in several bands and genres. In recent years he has explored different fields of music research and experimentation, from electronic to field recordings, sound design, echtzeitmusik …

The CD “~”, released by the European label Focused Silence, is his first solo album and it collects some of the recent compositions following his reflection on the idea of the composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988):

Music cannot exist without sound.
Sound exists by itself without music.
Music evolves over time.
The sound is timeless.
It’s the sound that matters.
Sound is strength.

Nowadays, Ciccarelli is focused on personal research within music and photography. As a photographer, he has exhibited at several festivals worldwide.

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