Ehsan Banitaba

Ehsan Banitaba (Iran, Tehran, 1985) Banitaba is an Experimental music composer and Sound artist based in Tehran, Iran.

He started to learn music at the very early age of four when he received a toy keyboard as a gift. Familiarising himself with music theory, Banitaba continued to gain new sounds as he learned more musical instruments, doing more research in music and also intuitively going through various stages of music production from composition and arrangement to mixing and mastering.

“The greatest musical influence on me was when I first heard the piece ‘Spiral’ by Vangelis, the famous Greek composer. I was very young (about 5) at that time and can never forget how big of an impact this piece had on me. Later on, my passion fully bloomed by listening to compositions in contemporary electronic music.”

Banitaba’s works have been previously released in Iran by contemporary electronic record labels. Banitaba has a history of his works debuting at electronic music festivals, in Iran and further afield.

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