Dean Ramsay

Raised in Yorkshire, living most of his adult life in London, and now a denizen of the Norfolk Fens, Dean Ramsay is a multi-instrumentalist interested in the tinkering with the fundamental puzzle pieces of what we think of as music. What happens to music if you remove things like melody, or harmony, or repetition? What happens if we feed something inherently beautiful, such as the song of a Lark into a generative system that translates that into another musical language? Which piece of musical information carries the beauty and will it survive the translation? Maybe music in a heighten form is still undiscovered? One thing is for sure, we won’t find it in a verse/chorus/verse pop song on the radio.

And so the Kingdom of the Eel came about from endless experiments inspired by the hidden sounds out in nature, reworked in samplers, granular synthesis and tape loops. Dean thinks about the process as retaining and exposing something that is already there, and complimenting it with subtle nuances.

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